This volume was prepared and executed in order to open an integrated space for making research data available and discussing problems occurring in the São Francisco River Basin and thus facilitating the interaction between professionals and the comparison between data obtained in that Basin with information from other basins.


The idea was formed under the impression of the impact that the disaster of the Fundão dam in Mariana had caused in the Rio Doce basin and was later reinforced by the tragedy that occurred at Brumadinho, when a dam of the Mina do Feijão broke down reaching the Vale do Feijão, a tributary of the Paraopeba River and thus the Rio São Francisco system.


Following this event and after carrying out a detailed investigation, the precariousness of human activities, such as mining, industry, agriculture and water treatment, and the inherent danger in relation to basin water systems, was shown, and the importance to assess and monitor the evolution of a basin. Thus exchanges of information between professionals, academics, students and the community are of great importance to prevent future damage.


We created this special volume in order to have means to present works of different levels and specific subjects of the region, to provide data, to provide means of meeting and discussion between specialists in the environmental area, in addition to reporting on the situation of the referred basin and enable activities for its management.


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