• Claudia Camilo de Oliveira Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo (UNIFESP)
  • Björn Krause Camilo Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo (UNIFESP)


Given a panorama of few studies that paralleled the perceptions of people affected by the Fundão dam rupture in Mariana, Minas Gerais, Brazil, and the concentrations of heavy metals present in the affected areas along the Doce River, this study aimed to identify this relationship. The methods used were semi-structured interviews with affected people and collection of water and sediment samples from the river along the Rio Doce basin to measure the concentration of heavy metals.The sediment was processed according to EPA 3051-16 (Environmental Protection Agency) method. Heavy metals in the water and sediment were analyzed with ICP-AES (Inductively Coupled Plasma - Atomic Emission Spectrometry) and AAS (Atomic Absorption Spectrometry) at IGC / UFMG (Institute of Geosciences / Federal University of Minas Gerais) and COPASA (Minas Gerais Sanitation Company). Water samples showed excessive concentrations for Al (aluminum), Fe (iron) and Mn (manganese) in a Class II river according to CONAMA (National Environmental Council, 2009). Sediment samples contained Zn (zinc), Cr (chrome), Cu (copper) and Pb (lead) reversibly connected above the quality reference value according to CETESB (São Paulo State Environmental Company, 2005). The interviews were analyzed by the Content Analysis method and pointed to the misinformation of those affected in relation to the heavy metals in the Doce River. The study showed that the mud contributed to the contamination of heavy metals in the affected rivers, mainly by relocation and release of contaminants already existing in sediments. Affected persons should be informed about heavy metal contamination in rivers and soils and about the change in heavy metal concentration over the years


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