It is with pleasure that Geochimica Brasiliensis presents this special issue on Geochemical Mapping, an initiative of Otavio Augusto Boni Licht, whose career as Geologist was dedicated to this field and is tailored for this task.


It is indispensable to emphasize the importance of the knowledge of the distribution of trace elements and other inorganic compounds in the Earth’s surface, since this information provides subsidies to other branches of activity such as mineral prospecting and the environment to name just two of them.


International and Brazilian researchers contributed to the finalization of this volume. They present here their contribution to the theme, recording works that, we are sure, will be a reference for those who dedicate themselves to the geochemical survey. The Editor hereby expresses his gratitude to these authors who made available their work and time.


This Journal aims with this issue to take another step towards establishing itself as a medium of scientific communication in the area of Geochemistry.